This means that we have a designated area within our warehouse which is approved area for Air, Road or Ocean shipments, where non-Union goods may be placed in storage prior to being placed under a Customs procedure or re-exported.

The approved temporary storage facility is physically equipped with a Customs approved IT record keeping/inventory system which is an approved Anti-Smuggling Net (ASN). This system is able to and is used to:

  • provide electronic entry of all temporary storage goods entering into the facility (stock account records)
  • provide electronic inventory control of all Non Union goods whilst in the facility
  • provide an electronic record of all activity relating to temporary storage goods, particularly arrival; out turn; discrepancies; examinations; sampling; movement within and between facilities; and/or any other authorised activity
  • provide electronic notification and receipt of the removal of goods after Customs clearance
  • provide an electronic log of the actual time goods remained within temporary storage whilst in the facility
  • transmit electronically all Customs declarations for cargo in the temporary storage area within the appropriate timescales
  • is capable of producing a system generated hard copy clearance advice and unit releases
  • UK transit declarations using NCTS

NG Transport operate the latest CCS-UK approved software, which is gives us the ability to create and arrive CCS-UK Inventory Consignments.